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Home of the High Altitude Tandem

Hello Houston!

You finally have a choice when it comes to skydiving in the area! Westide Skydivers Houston has been open for business since November 9th, 2012. We have our first season under our belt - and WOW what a year! Things are taking a bit longer than expected to build our brand new hangar and facilities, thanks to all the rain we have gotten – but they will be done by this spring! Don't worry!!! Our temporary home still has AC PACKING & FLUSHING TOILETS & RUNNING WATER. We are going to be operating at our home here at Gloster Aerodrome in Sealy, TX – just 45 minutes from downtown Houston - with our new 80 X120 facility. Details coming soon in our new blog! We are open 7 days a week, year round. Make your reservation today!

You may book your tandem or buy gift certificates online! (If you have purchased a Groupon/Living Social voucher you must call to schedule). We also have an online store – regret not buying that t-shirt? Now you can buy it anytime!

So why franchise to the Houston market? Well that was an easy answer:


And since Westside is the home of the high altitude tandem, it's a perfect fit! We are proud to say that we are the only skydiving center in the country to offer our awesome customers a choice in altitude: jump from 13K, 18K, and 24K! The reason is simple – we kept hearing over & over again – "I wish freefall lasted longer." Well now it can!

We get many questions on the high altitude jumps, most commonly, "Can I go higher my first time?" The answer is YES! You will be with one of our USPA professional instructors who take the utmost care to ensure your safety. Our airplane has onboard oxygen which you breathe on the way up to saturate your system! So all you first timers – come on get higher with a jump from 18k, or join the ranks of the elite military and go where few others have gone before – JUMP FROM 24 THOUSAND FEET!

Don't worry – you still get to deploy the parachute & wear an altimeter on every skydive with Westside. Each jump you make will count toward certification – even tandems!

So what can you expect from Westside Skydivers? Well we believe in the sense of family & community that you get when you join the sport of skydiving. We also believe in the powerful experience of that first jump - and LOVE sharing that with all of you! I'd like to also thank all my friends, family, and staff - and all the new staff & students to come for joining the Westside family on this journey. So far, we have received an AMAZING welcome, thank you!!

Lets go big Texas!

~Jumpin Joe, DZO

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